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Movie Colab versus others

Updated: Jan 8

It's important to note that movie collab was designed from the ground up for real-time movie making.

When compared to other software that is already there in the market movie colab had to specialize in a niche segment of making sure that the real-time workflows from the games industry are adapted properly to the movie industry, and at the same time can help make an artist's life easy without getting caught in the technical complexities.

In this blog, we're going to go over some of the differences between movie collab, and the other existing software, like shot grid, ftrack and others.

Traditionally if we observe the evolution of production tracking software, they have a nonlinear workflow where multiple people can come together and collaborate. It also meant that artists are working in their own software independent of each other within their own domain of expertise.

When it comes to real-time we are using a game engine for content production. A single project file would be holding the work of multiple artists parallelly. Since the rendering process is minimal it would require a pipeline that enables fast iterations between the artist and the reviewer. Thereby achieving the quality as per the vision of the filmmaker.

Some of the main differences between Movie Colab and the rest of the ecosystem are :

1) Production tracking + file tracking

The ability to do both production and file management with a single ecosystem makes it much more robust for information management and brings much more order to the process.


2) Mobile-first approach

Not just a web-based tool, but has very good mobile-based functionality for both android and iOS.

A man is watching phone

3) Optimised Game engine support

Exclusive features designed for game engine based pipeline for the fastest iterations. Distributed rendering plugins and sequencer based workflows for artists.

A woman is doing the game engine work in the pc

4) Process management tool

Design workflows and automation as per the studio's requirements, with custom notifications based on state machines. Enables continuous evolution of pipelines in the ever-changing industry.

Movie colab software tracking the process

5) AR and VR workflows

Moviecolab mobile applications will support AR-based reviewing of assets and virtual reality for environment scouting and decision making.

Two people are wearing VR headsets

These are some of the high-level differences on top of which we offer excellent support to our clients in terms of innovating custom changes or upgrades required to their pipelines.

Reach out to us to know more about movie colab.

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