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Making your next blockbuster with Movie Colab

Updated: Jan 8

Movie teams worldwide are looking to make their next big blockbuster, which in the digital age is hugely complex considering the amount of data that needs to be shared across by the teams.

Movie colab has been built to address this challenge that massive productions face by enabling custom services and plugins for clients to make their projects delivered end to end.

A shot in Moviecolab software

This would enable the teams to be highly productive in their data management. From video clips to audio files that are managed efficiently in the cloud, thereby enabling the multilingual productions that are now very common.

The information here does not just mean video files or VFX output that needs to be managed, modern movie-making also involves storing your hardware data be it face capture, body capture or finger capture, it would also mean having a way to save the relevant audio files that can easily be iterative and go into the editorial from the sound department. This complex management requires some of the best integration engineers that movie colab offers to their clients during production.

Task lists in Movie Colab

Reach us out for more info on getting started with movie colab and let us know if you have any questions.

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