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Movie making colab software

Make Movies
Real Time

Collaboration software for the new age of Gen AI and Virtual Production

Movie Colab software

Why Movie Colab ?

One of the biggest requirements for real-time film making using game engines is efficient pipelines, the traditional pipeline tools have been built for the VFX workflow, the world of real-time has more challenges which requires a ground-up solution that can make the process of making movies easier and iterative, which is why we built Movie colab, a one-stop solution for all real-time movie making needs.


Above and Beyond

We took the time to really study what challenges real-time movies face and have spent countless hours working on solutions. We've made it easier than ever before!

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Frame 130.jpg
Frame 131.jpg
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Project management and file management

In one tool !

Task management with templates

For rapid workflows

Seamless cloud and desktop tools

Efficient Project Management

Folder structure and process regulation

To maintain consistency

Frame 133.jpg
Frame 134.jpg
Frame 135.jpg
Frame 136.jpg

Plugins to seamlessly share data

For reviews from Unreal Engine

Reviews creative work in real time

For seamless communication

Mobile access from anywhere

Excellent tools for Mobile

Cloud delivery and Synchronization

For editorial workflows

Open for Beta Users

We are currently giving beta access to business only. Kindly reach out for any queries or if you would like to onboard for moviecolab.

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A man is editing a video in the PC,Image by Nubelson Fernandes
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