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Making movies in the Metaverse

Movie making has always been a collaborative effort without multiple people coming together in their areas of expertise which are production design, costume design, lighting, cinematography, direction and several others. The end result is a sum of all these techniques.

As visual effects evolved more and more content creation control went into artists' hands and thereby started creating a hierarchy of communication. This communication chain if not good and followed with discipline leads to numerous production issues in the movie-making process and thereby leads to the chaos which is often seen.

With movie colab solving the real-time pipeline issues, we strongly believe one of the next steps would be a process where all the departments would be interacting through virtual reality and will communicate and make real-time digital movies completely inside a VR world. To enable these communications we are continuously working on some new features for movie colab wherein this is possible through any game engine.

Let us know your thoughts and stay tuned for some exciting updates on this!

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